Thank you for your interest in UWC Mahindra College! Congratulations on all the hard-work and dedication that you have put into your child’s education. When your child joins a UWC, you and your family become a part of a global network of other parents and families that believe in a more peaceful and sustainable world.

Letting your child go will be difficult for you and you want to ensure the very best for him or her. You may have many questions- will he or she be safe? Will he or she eat right? What will he or she study? What about safety on campus? Who can he or she turn to if they are feeling sad? Parents ask these same questions and we hope to answer them.

We hope that you will support your child’s interest in a UWC education. We believe that the educational opportunities at our College are unparalleled- whether academic, social, extra-curricular or as an alumnus of our movement. Please explore Our Curriculum, Our Alumni, Admissions Process for a better understanding of the school and our movement.