What does UWC stand for?

What grades are taught at UWC?

What is the curriculum?

What is the IB diploma?

Where are the other colleges located?

Can I transfer from one UWC to another?

I am already studying the IB, can I transfer into the second year?

I am already in grade 11, why would I want to repeat my year to study at UWC?

Applying to UWC

How do I apply?

Why doesn’t the College do applications?

Where do interviews take place?

Why don’t you publish fees?

What is your selection criteria?

Can I re-apply if I get turned down?

Do you offer short courses?

I want a UWC experience but I'm too old. What to do?

How many students are selected every year?

How much does it cost to attend?

Residency and Citizenship

Is there a citizenship requirement?

What if I am a dual national?

What if I live in a different country than my citizenship?

Program of Study

What courses do you offer?

What is a typical day look like?

When does school start?

How much time do students study every day?

What is mandatory in order to graduate?

How often will my child come home for a visit?

I live in Pune, can I live at home and study at UWC?

Is India safe?