Each UWC National Committee tailors the application process and deadlines to the local education system and culture to ensure it is relevant and appropriate. The application process varies across countries to ensure that it is applicable and relevant to the local culture and education system. National Committees look for students who have the potential to benefit from the UWC experience. There will usually be a written application and some form of interview, but you may also take part in group activities and community service, an examination and perhaps even a weekend camp.

Contact the National Committee for more information on how the selection process works in your country. You will find a list of National Committees and contacts here.

UWC Mahindra College also offers young people the opportunity receive a UWC short programme Diploma by participating in our issue-based short programmes offered during the summer. Please see here for more information.

International students who attend UWC Mahindra College must comply with Indian immigration laws. Once an international student is accepted, we will send visa application documents. You must complete those forms and present them to the nearest Indian embassy or consulate to receive your visa. You must have a valid passport that will remain valid for two years beyond your start date at UWC Mahindra College. You might require an in-person interview. Once you arrive in India, you will be required to complete location registration. Apply early and prepare to be patient