A UWC Education

What sets UWC Mahindra College apart?

This means our students think differently and must learn to content with their differences throughout their education with us. Our students learn to challenge assumptions they might have had about other people, cultures and even themselves! They recognize the importance of interdisciplinary learning and make connections beyond classes, to politics and issues that affect the whole world. They will be guided to push their academic and theoretic understanding to deeper and more meaningful levels in order to be able to criticize opinions and ideas respectfully.

Our rigorous curriculum inspires future leaders from all walks of life to work towards equitable societies and sustainable development. UWC students learn skills such as public speaking, time management, leadership and project management to equip them to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges- whether they become engineers, artists, parents or diplomats. The lessons they learn here will remain with them during their whole lifetime. Alumni will become part of an engaged and inspired alumni body committed to positive action with a strong focus on their own communities.

Highly diverse students selected in 150 countries based on merit and potential, supported by one of the most extensive scholarship models available at the secondary school level anywhere in the world. We provide an education which fully embraces service to the community and inter-cultural understanding. In India, living in a rural setting means that students are able to interact with an area that is changing rapidly. Students who understand India and their connection to the globe will be true leaders in a changing global environment.

Our faculty are as diverse as our students and are chosen for their dedication to the UWC movement and their ability to connect their subject with ideas beyond the classroom.

Our alumni include scientists, community leaders, entrepreneurs, educationalists, engineers, bankers, diplomats and other positions of leadership and influencing for achieving our mission. Their impact extends across local, regional and international social development, economies and politics.

We have exclusive university scholarships available to our graduates to ensure they can continue their education in highly selective colleges around the world. Our alumni are having impact in every field imaginable- from ethics, academics, business, technology, theatre and global governance. UWC graduates number over 60,000 and they can be found moving and shaking the real world to truly make it more peaceful and sustainable.

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A UWC Education

The UWC Mahindra College learning model is based on the idea that learning takes place everywhere - not only in classes...

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Our students and faculty come from over 60 countries, representing a diversity that can be found nowhere else in India.